The Plattsburgh memorial Chapel was dedicated on 24 October, 1933, in Plattsburgh, New York. It is located on the historic site of the war of 1814 and anchors the far north end of the now former United States air force base which closed in 1995. In memory of those stationed in Plattsburgh who gave their lives in World War I, the project was sponsored by the churchwoman's league of new York City, and the principal fundraiser was Adria Maude Langdon, its president for patriotic services from 1945-1947. Costing just $ 22, 427 to build; its replacement value today is in excess of $1.75 million. The Chapel is constructed of weather bricks taken from an historical structure near Plattsburgh, and the original wrought iron chandeliers were hand forged by the then army blacksmith. The pews image of bell and original organ were donated by the 26th infantry, and the outside chapel bell, image of bell installed in 1936, came from the battleship USS O' Brien. Today, after sitting empty for some 8 years when the air base was closed, the chapel has been reopened as a non profit 501(c)(3) corporation with a set of bylaws governed by an elected board of directors. It is available for interfaith religious services, weddings, special events, art exhibits, music concerts and any other activity to be approved by its board of Directors.

Plattsburgh Memorial Chapel Inc.
100 United States Oval
Plattsburgh, NY 12903

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