The Plattsburgh Memorial Chapel, Inc., established in 2003, is a New York State, 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation with by-laws and governed by a Board of Directors. The Interfaith Chapel is available for Congregational Services, Memorials, Baptisms, Weddings, Musical Concerts, Art Exhibits, and Performing Arts Events. All scheduled events are subject to approval by the Chapel Board.

picture through chapel window
A view from the inside.

The Memorial, Interfaith Chapel is located in Southeast Plattsburgh, New York and is situated on the North end of the United States Oval Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more information , please see the National Register of Historic Places for New York State. Views of Lake Champlain can be seen from the Chapel�s East lawn.
The Plattsburgh Memorial Chapel (circa 1933) is a brick structure with a slate roof. The Chapel, of a Norman type architecture, has two transepts for worship, one for a Jewish tabernacle and the other for a Catholic altar. image of altar It is approximately 81 feet long by 52 feet wide. Used bricks were specified in the contract so the building would match the entire post architecture. The chapel is a neo-gothic rendering of a classic Anglican English Village Church. A vaulted wood-beamed ceiling image of altar adds to the grandeur of the space and contributes to its superior acoustics. The long fir ridge pole was shipped from the west coast on a special flat car. The interior lighting, forged from wrought iron, was created in the post�s wheelwright shop. Downstairs, there is a central nave for the congregation and pews, two small transepts, a raised chancel for the altar, choir and organ. A small sacristy, a bathroom and a small sitting room are in the ell. The Chapel seats approximately 200 people. Upstairs is a small chamber, over the chancel .The building was designed and dedicated as an Interfaith, Interdenominational Chapel, to memorialize soldiers who died in WW1. Adria Maude Semple Langdon, President of the Episcopal Church Women�s group based in New York City, the Church Women�s Auxiliary, did the principal fundraising.

A schedule of public events can be viewed here .

A brief history of the chapel can be viewed on the History web page.

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